Church Life 


In 2013, CVC launched into a new step of faith, having decided to support a missionary family on a monthly basis for the first time.  Chris and Sarah Nicholson moved to Kisumu, Kenya in December 2011 to work with the Ring Road orphanage and school.  You can follow their work on their blog:  Sarah has also worked as director of a laboratory project in Kisumu; however, she will now be full time with the orphan day school along with Chris.  We are thankful and excited about being a part of their work on a regular basis.  Several families and individuals in the congregation sponsor a child at Ringroad.  Buddy and Maurine have visited the work four times over the past three years.  In June of 2013, a team of eight adults and two children, all from CVC, spent two weeks working with the children at the school.

A second opportunity comes through the work of Rick and Teresa Morse, who are members at CVC.  They make regular trips to Uganda, South Sudan, Papua New Guinea and other countries, teaching local church leaders who will teach villagers how to have better hygene and health practices, as they also tell the good news of Jesus.  They work with a program called "Community Health Evangelists."  Visit their blog at:  CVC will have opportunities to assist the Morses in their work.

In 2014, Buddy and Maurine took a leave of absence from the ministry in Columbus to do misison work in Romania, Kenya, Mauritius, and France.  They have previously worked in each of the countries and had been asked to return to help with different speaking and training sessions in each place, also visiting and encouraging many individuals and families.

Also in 2014, a family who had previously lived in Columbus and were members of CV, Jake and Melissa Stimson, Madi, Abby, and Ben, decided to move to Guatemala to work with House of Hope orphans home.  They minister to the children and also make many trips into the surrounding mountains to visit with churches in the villages and encourage the Christians there.  in 2015, five members of CV are planning a mission trip to help in several of their projects.

And the church continues to be a part of other mission works as we can.  In 2012, 2013, and 2014, CV helped support our own teens working in inner city Nashville, and also people going to Panama, El Salvadore, Russia, as well as helping with a building project for orphans in Uganda.  We have been blessed by participating in taking the gospel to all the world, including next door.  We look forward to seeing what opportunities the Lord will open for us in the future.